President; Automation Director

Joshua Beaudry

Josh is the founder of LPSTK Inc and is passionate about the impact skateboarding  and the SK8 PALS program can have on a kid's life. He has a background as a skateboard brand owner, process engineer, and business technology consultant in both large and small companies. 

He most recently designed RPA software robots to automate the operations at LPSTK Inc. This has helped facilitate the core mission to empower kids with skateboarding.

Marketing Director

Pedro Damasio

Pedro considers skateboarding a social and cultural catalyst. Being from Brazil he has made life long connections in the skateboarding community, personally and professionally. He now lives in Porto Alegre and has ties to organizations and cultural projects already running there.

VP; Programs Director

Marcelo Duarte

Marcelo is a Brazilian native originally from Porto Alegre. He has experienced firsthand how difficult it is to obtain skate equipment, shoes, and clothes in his hometown. He believes in the ability to have an impact on a child's life through skateboarding.

Public Relations Director

Tommy Hilcken

Tommy’s primary purpose is to help people believe in their unlimited potential, define their goals and take the steps that will bring them there.

He combines his love of people with a natural talent for humor to help people learn and grow.  He’s worked with individuals from every walk of life, including celebrities and professional athletes and has been featured at more than 6,000 engagements.

After 30 years of bringing joy and laughter to families throughout the world Tommy realized there was a bigger mission for him to take on. When he learned the mission of LPSTK he decided to jump on board and help empower kids throughout the world.

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