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In April 2019, we went on our second mission to Porto Alegre, Brazil. We provided new decks, skateboard education, and important life skills to children in need. While in Porto Alegre, the LPSTK skate team was at the IAPI park and other areas building relationships with local, young skaters and providing free skateboard decks. The kids we connected with had the opportunity to skate with us, hear our stories and how skateboarding brought us out of tough situations and into a better way of living.


Our trip included teaming up with two active non-profit organizations in Porto Alegre [Vila Flores - Da Vila à Cidade] and Florianópolis [Cedep - The Phoenix Project]. Both projects align with LPSTK's mission, values, and vision of work we will be supporting. Click the links to read more about them.


In Oct 2018 we teamed up with Sureshot Skateboards, NY Skateboarding, and Boards For Bros NY along with 20 other sponsors to host video premieres for an online Instagram contest.


Over 200+ video submissions were received on Instagram for the #SARGESLAPPY3 challenge. The top 5 submissions will receive a prize package including a new skateboard deck. Additional prizes from sponsors will be raffled at both premieres to support charity work by LPSTK Inc and Boards for Bros. Not only does the event support great causes, but it also bridges generations of skateboarders together for a single International contest backed by the legendary Danny Sargent.

Doug Korfhagen, FS Kickflip, SF | Photo: Marcelo Duarte


LPSTK Inc will absorb the Lipstick Skateboards brand and operate 100% as a non-profit company. All decks will continue to be manufactured by PS Stix in support of the 1-for-1 sales model. For every deck a customer purchases they will be providing the same quality of deck to a child/youth in need. Decks will be donated to support our direct work in South Brazil, but also to support other US domestic non-profit programs.

The Lipstick Skateboards team will evolve to members supporting both the brand and the non-profit mission.