We're all connected and that's how it should be, whether on the streets or from our homes. Let's keep grinding until we can put our plans in motion. This video is about that and more. It's about connection, friendship, and love. It's about skateboarding as we know it. Enjoy!

"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves." --Helen Keller

We want to say Thank You to the volunteers at #LPSTK. We're stoked and motivated that there are so many good people working with us in the front line so we can make plans to help more kids in the future. Thank you all! Stay home, stay connected, and plan every day tirelessly for the better days to come! Music: Anahata Beatspeaker - Y.O.G.A. Filming: Marcelo Duarte | Tucker Glasow | Ricky Wong | Jason Beaudry | Ben Fordham Editing: Joshua Beaudry

One year ago we were where we want to be now: outside, skating and having fun amongst friends. Be patient. Good times will come back and soon we'll be in Brazil to shred with you again. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay connected.

Um ano atrás, a gente estava onde gostaria de estar agora: do lado de fora, andando de skate e zoando com os amigos. Seja paciente, logo isso volta. E logo vamos estar de volta no Brasil pra bagunçar com vocês novamente. Fiquem em casa. Fiquem bem. Fiquem em contato.

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