Parsippany, NJ – Tommy Hilcken founder of Tommy Hilcken Productions, has joined LPSTK Inc’s Board of Directors.

A master storyteller and dynamic speaker, Tommy Hilcken has been educating and inspiring audiences around the world for over 30 years. Tommy’s innovative LAUGH & LEARN style uses humor and narrative to teach powerful, positive, and impactful messages that people remember. Tommy’s talent for entertaining and making people laugh has led him to a successful career in professional speaking where he fulfills his sincere passion for motivating people to do their personal best and get the most out of life. When Tommy learned about LPSTK’s mission, he realized this was a mission he was meant to take on. He decided to join the team and commit to the empowerment of kids throughout the world.

In the words of Tommy Hilcken “it’s about your audience”.

Welcome to the Team!

We're proud to announce our new program SK8 PALS in conjunction with the skateboarding work we've started in South Brazil. Sustainability was a challenge we had to overcome in order to maintain the emotional connections and experiences we shared. The program will empower kids to connect across borders from different cities, states, and even countries through a pen pal writing program. Every donated kit will provide basic school supplies, postcards, and stamps to the kids and centers.

The Lipstick SK8 PALS program encourages education, meaningful friendships, and a portal to dream.

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