If you're in the NJ/NY area don't miss the #SARGESLAPPY3 video premiere:

-10/19: Fri 10pm @ Low Fidelity, 328 Palisade Ave., Jersey City, NJ

-10/21: Sun 7pm @ Max Fish, 120 Orchard St., New York, NY

+join us for NYC Slappy Sunday (location TBD), 10/21 @ 3pm with guest Danny Sargent.

+product raffles for charity - proceeds will go towards LPSTK Inc's Brazil mission & Boards For Bros, NY

The video will be released on YouTube 10/22.

Bob Anderson's pro debut video part:

Congratulations Bob, well deserved!

"Bob is a natural on a board, and one of the most fun dudes to skate with. He's one of the Northwest's best, but if you've never heard of him it's because he likes to stay under the radar. He's one of those dudes that could not skate for two years and still have every trick on lock. Whether there's a camera around or not, he's always killing it and making sure to have a good time. Good friend, amazing skateboarder, and all around great guy." --Jeff Halstad

Check out Bob's new Sk8trix decks in our 2018 Lookbook:

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