Skateboard in the village takes the skateboard as a tool of social transformation, autonomy and citizenship for children and young people from Vila Santa Teresinha in poa - Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul - Skate Na Vila


    The Phoenix project works with girls and boys in socially vulnerable situations, contributing to their insertion and permanence in school; through extreme sports: Skate, Surf, Sandboard, Slakline, Cycling, Zip Line and Standup. The project is aimed at caring for socially vulnerable adolescents in the Monte Cristo neighborhood. - Cedep - The Phoenix Project


    LA FUNDACION PATINETERO INC is a non-profit organization in Puerto Rico created for the purpose of promoting social values, interpersonal relationships, culture and discipline through the new style of sport (art) of the skateboard. In recent years, skateboarding is the second fastest growing sport in the United States after soccer. In ten (10) states of the nation, skateboarding is part of the academic curriculum in public schools, since not all students participate in traditional sports activities in schools. Skateboarder in your School, is a project that aims to help students face the emotional difficulties we all go through at that school stage. 

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