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Brazil 2019 Mission Update

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

We've confirmed and booked our travel to Brazil at the end of March (3/22 - 4/7). We want to thank those that have supported our mission through store orders, donations, and volunteering their time. As the majority of our initial mission is self funded we welcome any continued support for our cause. You can now pre-book ($10 including shipping) your copy of Lipstick Skateboards first DVD "Same Old Madness" set to release on 4/1/19. Just look for the DONATION button at the bottom of our Home page.

Our trip will include teaming up with two active non-profit organizations in Porto Alegre [Vila Flores - Da Vila à Cidade] and Florianópolis [Cedep - The Phoenix Project]. Click the links to read more about them, be sure to use Chrome Google Translate unless you read Portuguese.

Both projects align with LPSTK's mission, values, and vision of work we will be supporting.

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