Lipstick 90's Influence

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"The Lipstick 90s Influence is a fantastic shape. 9" at the wide point inside the front truck, it tapers at the axle so a 8.5 or 8.75 hangar fits perfect. This means even though it is wide it is super agile, especially if you ride the 14.5 WB option (it also has holes for 15) the best thing though is the tail, it's squared and shovel shaped like an 80's board but since it is only 6.5" long it has a real powerful straight up pop." - Instagram: @parkingblockdiaries

W: 9.0 | L: 32.25 | WB: 14.5 or 15.0 | N: 7.125 | T: 6.5

All proceeds are directly providing new decks, skateboard education, and important life skills to children in need.

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