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Camden, NJ

We began our partnership with Rising Leaders in 2020 by providing skateboards, SK8 Pal's kits, backpacks, and continue to support their effort to build an indoor skatepark.


Brooklyn, NY

In support of Brooklyn Skate Garden's fundraiser for Trinity Place Shelter and New Alternatives NYC, we contributed boxes of new clothes, hats, and notebooks. Both programs are helping LGBTQ youth and young adults in NYC to safely transition out of the shelter system. 

Brooklyn Skate Garden_edited_edited.jpg

New York, NY

LPSTK team's up with NYC Skateboard Coalition for their NYC events and skatepark projects such as fundraising for the new pool coping at Owl Head's Skatepark.


Patterson, NJ

We teamed up with Solid last Summer for a skateboard swap and BBQ for the kids of Patterson. We look forward to supporting their new lessons program at the Solid HQ.

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