South Brazil:

Skate Na Vila | Porto Alegre | March 2019

Cedep Floripa | Florianópolis | March 2019


"More than 40% of children and adolescents up to 14 years of age live in poverty in Brazil, which represents 17.3 million young people. Those living in extreme poverty reach 5.8 million young people, or 13.5%" ~Scenario of Childhood and Adolescence in Brazil, released by the Abrin Foundation, April 2018. LPSTK Inc will benefit approx. ages 6-18 years old. They live among the 25% of the impoverished population that makes up the city of Porto Alegre. These children are in need of a healthy, daily activity that can keep them active, focused, and most importantly, out of troubling, otherwise dangerous scenarios.

"The time we spent with the kids felt surreal. We look forward to staying in touch and visiting soon!" 


"And little by little, the void gets full."

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